Mini “Sketchbooking in Kyoto” Home Kit/Online Course

SHIPPING UPDATE: Kits are still available, but due to Coronavirus may be significantly delayed depending on your location due to lack of flights (and therefore airmail service) Please inquire before purchase.

Learn the art of mini travel sketchbooking from the comfort of your home! Learn a new skill for your future travels.

An at-home version of my popular “Travel Sketchbooking in Kyoto” class, I use online video demos featuring various Kyoto spots to teach you techniques for capturing your own travel memories. You can follow along to practice or just watch and apply the techniques to your own paintings.

Purchase a course below and you’ll receive course materials sent by airmail to your doorstep. The materials include a complete lineup of hand-selected quality supplies so that you can start making beautiful sketchbooks right away without needing to hunt down any other supplies. They’ll also come with a few tips and tricks pages to help you get started.

“Mamehon” Mini Travel Sketchbook Course with Supplies

“Mamehon” (Japanese 豆本) are miniature books, and this set includes everything you need to artistically capture your travels both on-the-go and at home from photos/memories.

(LEFT: included materials; RIGHT: paper design choices; white squares show approximate size of covers in relation to the paper designs. More images below description)

Mamehon Mini Travel Sketchbook Course with Supplies

Everything you need to start your own mamehon mini travel sketchbook with free worldwide shipping from Japan! (Please read the description below for full contents and details before purchase)


Your purchase includes:

  • Basic instructional pages with materials introduction, techniques, tips, tricks
  • 3 handmade mamehon mini sketchbooks with customized covers and separate string closures (please specify in your order comments the paper design number/s you’d like, see numbered photo for selection)
  • Compact travel watercolor palette hand-filled with 12 high-quality Japanese-made colors (Holbein brand)
  • Pencil/eraser/waterproof Micron pen (also Japanese-made) with a free sharpening pencil cap
  • 2 standard brushes with nylon bristles for working at home
  • Sakura brand mini waterbrush for painting on the go
  • Bonus retro design matchbox to carry one mamehon on the go

About shipment: Price includes worldwide shipping from Japan via airmail with tracking. Please allow 2-3 business days for custom-making your mamehon books before shipping. Delivery time varies depending on destination. Contents and value will be declared on customs forms in accordance with international law, and in compliance with regulations any taxes/duties/etc., if applicable, are the buyer’s responsibility.

About your kit:

  • The mini books: traditionally folded accordion-style. The mamehon in your kit are handmade in Kyoto using artisan traditional washi paper for the covers and cold press 180gsm French-made watercolor paper for the painting surfaces. The books are designed to be displayed open and due to the strength of the paper usually do not stay closed when lying flat or in storage, so please use the included clear bands and/or strings when storing your mamehon. The mamehon covers measure 5cm x 3cm, with the watercolor paper inside folded into 14 panels (total combined length approximately 39.5cm)
  • The compact paint kit: is refillable and reusable. It comes hand-filled with quality Japanese Holbein watercolors (the white is gouache: an opaque paint otherwise similar to watercolor). When I make your kit, I use tube (wet) watercolor paints and fill to the brim of each cell, approximately 2ml each. They are then dried and the paints naturally settle below the brim of each cell. The white gouache particularly may show cracks after drying, but this is normal does not affect the quality or usability of your paints.

Please ask any questions before purchasing. Thank you!