Exploring the world through art

My name’s Rachel, and I’m an artist with a passion for travel! I currently live in Kyoto, Japan where I teach travel sketchbook classes, focused on learning to use watercolors to capture this ancient/modern city. I specialize in teaching beginners, and have over 15 years of teaching experience.

Can’t make it to Kyoto but still want to learn? No problem, I have home courses with complete kits delivered to your doorstep!

I also make my own travel sketchbooks, which I share on my Instagram account.

My philosophy

It’s too easy to rush from one destination to the next without truly seeing it. In the days of digital photography and smartphones with cameras in every pocket, it’s become common to snap dozens (and more often hundreds) of photos on a single trip. Does your camera remember your vacation better than you do? Are you really going to “go through those photographs and print them out someday”? Or are they going to languish in a forgotten computer or in The Cloud? Maybe it’s time to try travel art journaling and create a travel sketchbook of your own.

Have you ever found yourself with a long layover, travel delay, or train ride? A sketchbook is a productive and relaxing way to pass the time. A dull and stressful wait can transform into a meditation session.

Travel sketchbooks can have lots of other benefits too. Flashing an expensive camera in some destinations can seem inappropriate or attract the attention of thieves, but a sketchbook seems to open doors to new friendships (even if you can’t communicate with words.)

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