Borneo, Malaysia

2017-08-23 14.03.20 1587498587151210219_4842540539

Deer Cave has the largest cave opening in the world. I painted this while awaiting the nightly exodus of its 2-3 million bat residents.

2017-08-20 20.07.48 1585507706340858450_4842540539

Sunset over the South China Sea, from the shores of Bako National Park, Malaysia. A local told me that the islands in the distance are said to resemble a reclining pregnant woman and that there is a local legend about it.

2017-08-19 13.09.07 1584572197636579508_4842540539

Waterfalls are challenging for me, but surrounded by the Bornean rainforest and the rushing stream I can take my time without getting frustrated! This was painted in the fantastic Kubah National Park.

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