Kyoto, Japan


Enchanting weeping plum blossoms and camellias of Jonan-gu Shrine


Enjoying a matcha latte and painting Yasaka Pagoda


The tunnel of maples leading up to Kodaiji Temple


Yasaka Pagoda is such a great sketch subject!


My sketchbook student (on the right) today nailed it!


One of the beautiful floats of the famous Gion Matsuri


The floats are rebuilt every year without the use of nails


These rings of rice grass (Nagoshi no harase) are set up in July at shrines around Japan to purify the misdeeds of those who walk through them. It gives a fresh start for the rest of the year.


A beautiful Chinese-style temple gate in my neighborhood of Fushimi.


Heian Shrine’s enormous torii gate shines brightly


The hydrangeas of Fujinomori Shrine


Irises of Heian Jingu’s garden


Tofukuji’s famous maples are just as gorgeous when they are freshly-foliated as when the leaves turn in autumn


Sketching in Gion


The carp banner decorations of Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day)


A peony at Kyoto Botanical Gardens


Waiting for the Kitano Odori (maiko/geisha dance of Kamishichiken) to begin


The old Gekkeikan Sake Brewery (this is part of my sketch tour!)


Sakura and bamboo: absolutely dreamy


Hirano Shrine night hanami: these beer lanterns advertise drinks for sale under the blooms


HIrano Shrine’s vividly pink blossoms


The peaceful Zen garden of Komyo-in


Under the snow in Ohara


Lantern-lines stairs of Kifune Shrine

2017-11-02 11.45.42 1638888389221825966_4842540539

This is the Inoko-sai at Go-o Shrine. It’s a ceremony conducted by people dressed in Heian-era clothing. “Inoko” means “baby wild boar”, and one can purchase a special mochi made in the shape of a wild boar.

2017-11-02 11.45.42 1638882325835408178_4842540539

2017-10-27 07.52.44 1634422482823130923_4842540539

I caught a glimpse of this guy while riding my bicycle. I had to stop and do a quick sketch of him looking for his dinner.

2017-10-26 22.51.25 1634150025767747377_4842540539

The first autumn colors in the last light of day in front of Nanzen-ji’s famous sanmon (gate)

2017-10-24 23.57.10 1632733569217863583_4842540539

Yasaka Pagoda stands watch over the beautiful Higashiyama area of Kyoto. It used to be part of a temple complex which no longer exists. I could spend forever in this beautiful city!

2017-09-16 00.48.08 1604492964700514847_4842540539

I don’t usually paint people, but I couldn’t resist these three young ladies enjoying the final days of summer by the Kamogawa.

2017-11-25 11.11.12 1655540864616194014_4842540539

Arashiyama’s famous Togetsukyo bridge. This bridge has inspired artists for centuries, and today it inspired me!

Hishaku (traditional bamboo water scoops) wait patiently outside of a shrine for hand washing.

A weathered statue of a fox, the messenger of the Shinto deity Inari.

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