Kyoto, Japan

2017-11-28 11.54.30 1657736985421649100_4842540539

Delicious Japanese taiyaki pastries! They’re only *shaped* like fish: they’re sweet, pancake-esque treats filled with stuff like custard, green tea pudding, red bean, or (in my case) chocolate!

2017-11-02 11.45.42 1638888389221825966_4842540539

This is the Inoko-sai at Go-o Shrine. It’s a ceremony conducted by people dressed in Heian-era clothing. “Inoko” means “baby wild boar”, and one can purchase a special mochi made in the shape of a wild boar. 

2017-11-02 11.45.42 1638882325835408178_4842540539

2017-10-27 07.52.44 1634422482823130923_4842540539

I caught a glimpse of this guy while riding my bicycle. I had to stop and do a quick sketch of him looking for his dinner.

2017-10-26 22.51.25 1634150025767747377_4842540539

The first autumn colors in the last light of day in front of Nanzen-ji’s famous sanmon (gate)

2017-10-24 23.57.10 1632733569217863583_4842540539

Yasaka Pagoda stands watch over the beautiful Higashiyama area of Kyoto. It used to be part of a temple complex which no longer exists. I could spend forever in this beautiful city! 

2017-09-16 00.48.08 1604492964700514847_4842540539

I don’t usually paint people, but I couldn’t resist these three young ladies enjoying the final days of summer by the Kamogawa.

2017-11-25 11.11.12 1655540864616194014_4842540539

Arashiyama’s famous Togetsukyo bridge. This bridge has inspired artists for centuries, and today it inspired me! 

Hishaku (traditional bamboo water scoops) wait patiently outside of a shrine for hand washing.

A weathered statue of a fox, the messenger of the Shinto deity Inari.

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